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I live in Los Angeles with my husband and dog.
I love my work because I can do it from anywhere in the world, even though I mostly work from home.

Hi there,
I'm Liat Aharon Gura


My morning routine includes checking blogs to see what are the newest updates in the social media world. As social media is constantly evolving, there are always updates to read as well as tips and tricks.

In 2021 I completed a 3 month Social Media Management course by a successful Agency owner. Since then I have taken 3 additional courses.

I have a BA in Communications & Marketing with a minor in Business

How you doin?
It all started with a girl that was told her ADHD was so bad, she's lucky that she's pretty and funny to get her through life.

Socialista Queen started in my bedroom with my computer and phone. I knew I wanted to be in social media but, how?!

After an amazing course experience, I started my journey with my first client, Karin Adoni Ben-David, the nutritionist.

Through trial and error I learned the in's and out's of social media. Ever since I started, most of my clients have been through word of mouth!

I always dreamed of helping others take their business to the next level...

So far, we have managed to:

up our clients income

generate thousands of leads

gain 3.5x more traction to their websites

Get our clients on the news! 

It's not about the views,
It's about the visibility.

I am 1000% a family gal. My friends just happen to be amazing too.

My favorite people

Sushi & Hot Cheetos (but not together!)

Favorite food

Popcorn, wine, card games & a funny movie

my ideal night


Favorite destination


my Nickname

SpongeBob & Friends


6 Random Facts


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